Walleye - Lake Trout - Perch - Steelhead

What to Expect

Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about booking a fishing charter with us or recently scheduled one? Here’s what you ought to know.

First thing’s first: get yourself a PA Fishing License. Whether you go with a 1-day pass for our trip or you plan to keep fishing throughout the year, you’ll need your license. It’s always a good idea to buy it ahead of time, either in person at your local PA bait + tackle shop, or online at the following site (resident and tourist): PA Fish + Boat

Second:  our primary goal for your trip is SAFETY, but we also aim for a few other things. Catching fish, having fun, + maybe even learning a thing or two in the process. Captain Tony is a firm believer in getting your group involved, and as long as you’re interested in a hands-on experience, you will undoubtedly walk away wanting to the hit the Lake again!

Testy Lake Erie:  It’s true, Lake Erie can be quite temperamental.  The generally shallow character of the Lake causes her to be very influenced by the wind. However, the rule of the boat is that the Captain reserves the sole right to cancel or delay your trip (up to 3 Hours). Your Captain has in-depth experience with the vessel and the overall fishing process of Lake Erie and will always use safety as his primary decision making factor. If the trip is cancelled by the Captain due to weather, you will either be rescheduled or refunded your full deposit. However- if your trip is cancelled on the behalf of your party without 3-week notice, your deposit cannot be refunded.

Motion Sickness:  That being said, if you believe that you are at all susceptible to sea sickness, please take motion sickness medication 24 hours in advance of your trip as well as the day of. This is the most effective way to avoid being sick. Drugstores also have alternative, non-medicinal options available.

Your Trip: Your Trip will depart from Walnut Creek Marina at 241 Manchester Rd, Fairview, PA. Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early (we do not wait longer than 1 Hour past scheduled departure time). Have your fishing license ready for the Captain’s review so we can determine the amount of lines we may run and the number of fish you can keep from your trip. Please bring your own small cooler for your food + drinks. We are fine with alcohol onboard for all 21+ guests, just no hard liquor or glass bottles- please + thank you.

Also bring a second cooler if you plan to take your catch with you. You may keep your second cooler in your car to fill when we return- just be prepared to transport your catch on ice so you can safely experience delicious freshwater catch.

The PA Fish + Boat Commission sets the rules for how many of each fish species may be kept per licensed fishermen.

     Walleye - 6 per person

     Perch - 30 per person

     Steelhead - 3 per person

Fish Cleaning:  As an added courtesy, we will typically clean your fish for you.  However, we sometimes run two trips a day and don't have enough time to accommodate this request.  Be sure to ask in advance when booking your trip- if we cannot, we recommend visiting our most accessible bait + tackle store, Poor Richard’s.  They provide excellent and affordable cleaning options.  Either way you will go home with your fresh catch cleaned and ready to cook.

Speaking of your First Mate...  they are an integral part of the charter trip. The first mate is responsible for the docking, the set-up, getting your group comfortable, cleaning your catch and much more. You will not see the mate lounging around! As is customary with all charter boats, your first mate works for tips, and their performance creates a successful + fun trip. It is suggested that you tip your mate for his time and hard work - 10-20% is common.

Last, but Not Least:  We want all our customers to know that we take pride in our vessel, crew + gear. We provide everything onboard necessary to catch fish and stay safe doing it. We comply with all US Coast Guard and PA Fish + Boat regulations and we take that seriously. Your safety comes first, and your satisfaction comes next.


Trip Checklist

What to Bring

On the day of your trip, bring the following:

- PA Fishing License with Lake Stamp

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen (remember the water amplifies the sun’s power!)

- Small cooler for your snacks + drinks

- Additional cooler with ice in vehicle for your catch

- Soft-sole shoes or sandals

- Comfortable clothing + weather-appropriate gear

Please do NOT bring:

- Hard liquor or glass bottles

- Work boots

- Bananas (no, really- we’re serious. NO BANANAS!)

     - Yeah, they’re bad luck.

- Chairs, bait, etc. We have all you need onboard.

Contact Captain Tony if you have any other questions, concerns, or special considerations for your trip. ErieDoghouseCharters@gmail.com or at (814)823-9439.